Over 200 Youth In Masaka And Bukomansimbi Complete One Week Long UCC Skilling Program For Jobs Creation And Business Growth

The LCV Chairman of  Bukomansimbi, Mr. Nyenja Fred Kayiira ,has urged the youth  to use digital platforms to set up businesses , promote their products and improve their livelihoods.

“I thank UCC and Prime Time Communications for the opportunity offered to skill the youth of Bukomansimbi. I urge all the participants to use the skills they have acquired to improve their livelihoods. The world is digital regardless of where you are and this is an opportunity for us to fully participate in the digital economy,” Kayiira stated.

He was closing a week long youth skilling program which was held in the district by the Uganda Communications Commission and Prime Time Communications Ltd  where over 100 youth acquired skills in the use of social media and  other digital platforms to grow their businesses and increase their incomes .

“We request UCC and Prime Time Communications to also bring more such skilling programs not just for the youths but also others so that they aren’t left out. In the meantime I urge all the participants to pass on the skills to others so that we all develop together. If we all get skilled, the better for everyone,” Kayiira added.

In Masaka district , the Deputy RDC, and two time MP, Mr .John Bosco Lubyayi hailed the government for the investment it has provided to improve the internet penetration and access across the country. This  is helping Ugandans the majority of whom are youth to tap into the local, region , continent and international opportunities and markets .

“ Ugandans can now grade anywhere in the world through  the internet . Most of the youth are on social media and marketing digital platforms to sell their products and market their brands . This is good for economic growth and national development .

We are happy that the youth in Masaka and rural areas generally are being empowered to grab these global opportunities . Everyone is excited about what they can get out of these global communication channels  and we thank UCC and Prime Time Communications for providing the opportunity for the youth to acquire online skills, “ the Deputy RDC stated .

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) rolled out a country wide skilling program for youth groups in information and communication technologies (ICTs) and multi-media.

The skills acquired will empower the youth to grow their business through the effective use of the various social media and digital platforms. Such digital platforms may include WhatsApp, TikTok, X (Twitter), Instagram, SnapChat, Teams/Zoom for virtual meetings

UCC through Uganda Communications  Universal Service And Access Fund (UCUSAF) is set to  enhance youths’ employability and self-sustainability by equipping them with ICT skills to enable them  become competitive and better their livelihoods.

Some 500 youth will be skilled  in the districts of Masaka, Bukomansimbi, Kalungu, Lwengo and Sembabule.

“This is planned to be done through training the youth in ICT multimedia production tools,” said Mr. Denis Jjuuko a Director at Prime Time Communications Ltd one of the carefully selected companies that are delivering the trainings .

Jjuuko explained that  by creating and building capacity of the youth including young women to adopt ICT tools and applications in multimedia content production and related business processes will enable them to not only fully participate in Uganda’s economy but tap into regional and international markets .

“ We are in the digital era where young people and entrepreneurs should be at the top of their game when it comes to  multimedia content production and storytelling skills. We are  introducing  the young people to a myriad of ICT platforms that provide access to markets and networking linkages while promoting their businesses and their talents,” he stated .

The skilling program will also enable the youth and including young women entrepreneurs to identify opportunities to access finance and markets to transition from micro enterprises to small and medium enterprises as enshrined in the National Development Plan III and UCUSAF strategy.

Participants  are from diverse backgrounds and some have benefited from the on-going government programs like  the Parish Development Model (PDM) in each of the five districts in central region.

“We are creating  a circular economy for youth and women entrepreneurs by providing avenues through which they can market their enterprises with each other through networking to enable them to grow, “ Jjuko added.

Uganda Communications Commission

UCC is mandated under the Uganda Communications Act, 2013 (Act) to monitor, inspect, license, supervise, control and regulate the communications services, and to improve communications services generally and ensure equitable distribution of services throughout the country;

Uganda Communications Universal Service and Access Fund (UCUSAF) formerly (RCDF) was established in 2001 by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC), and according to Section 3(g) of the Uganda Communications Act, 2013, UCC  to create and manage a fund dedicated to the development of Rural Communications and Information and Communication Technology within the country.

It was majorly setup to contribute to the realization of universality in access and use of communications services in Uganda through establishment of communications projects in areas that are non-commercially viable – left unserved or underserved by the market operations.

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